Why Engage A Toastmaster?

Trevor Smith Toastmaster

Trevor Smith believes his ability to organise and officiate as a toastmaster emanates from his school days when his success in theatre productions gained him recognition nationally.

Since this time he has coached youth drama groups and taken an active part as Master of Ceremonies. He has been fortunate to work for some well known personalities from stage and screen.

Trevor’s full time career has for 30 years been in sales and marketing much of which time was for a well known American international organisation. More recently he has been engaged in his own consultancy business interests including a directorship of a soft furnishings manufacturer.

Each Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters will have received extensive training commencing with a training course based in Central London. Field observations by senior members continually take place over a period of time and additionally an examination paper tests the theory ensuring candidates have the ability to offer Toastmaster services to prospective clients.

Trevor Smith Toastmaster

It is essential that a thorough and organised training in all aspects of the work has been achieved such as that provided by the Guild of Professional Toastmasters.

The Guild of Professional Toastmasters was founded in 1968. Its members past and present have been engaged in more than 1000 events where members of the Royal Family have been in attendance.

The Guild fosters and encourages regular dialogue between its members holding quarterly committee meetings at its Central London headquarters.

Trevor Smith Toastmaster Trevor Smith Toastmaster Trevor Smith Toastmaster

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